Comic-Con Video: Big Bang Stars Dish on Romance and Jim Parsons' Massive Ego

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Warning: If you thought you couldn't love this cast even more, prepare yourself! The stars of The Big Bang Theory are just about oh, 15 shades of adorable in real life. And they are funny. Who knew?! Oh right, everyone.
Watch Jim Parsons get all red-faced about his recent E! Online Tater Top Awards win (and the Emmy he's up for, like that one matters) while his co-stars roast him as a raging egomaniac (jokes, people, jokes!). Plus I awkwardly bear hug/stalk another star, while Kaley Cuoco (love that girl) and Johnny Galecki talk aout the future of their onscreen romance and more. It's all in the exclusive videos above and below... the whole Big Bang gang!