Ramya Krishna's Son Ritwik Entry in To FIlms?

Ramya Krishna has enough oomph that even today, there are many men who dream about her in the nights. Anyways, she is already a mother and the buzz from her household is that soon, he is likely to make his foray into the film industry.

His name is Ritwik and he was born in February 2005. The buzz is that this lad is going to make his debut as a child artist in the next year if her mother’s wish fulfils. Incidentally, it is heard that Ramya wants him to become a hero and a big star but hubby Krishnavamsi wants to see a director in Ritwik.

While the parents have got their own ideas let us wait to see what happens of Ritwik when he grows up. For now, is Ramya’s dream comes true, it is all about his foray into the film circuit in front of the camera and since he has the perfect combination of beauty and brains thanks to his parents, it should be an interesting debut.