Deepika Padukone had tatoo on her ankle..

Bollywood most sensious acctress Deepika Padukone had a new tattoo on her ankle. It is the most painful place to ink a tattoo but Deepika is very happy to go through this painful experience. The idea of having a tattoo on the ankle clicked in Dips's mind while she was shooting in London.

This is Deepika's second tattoo. In the past she had one on her nape which reads 'RK' meaning Ranbir Kapoor. The actress inked Ranbir's name on her nape when their love story was at the peak. But now that they are no more together, Dips is not ready to get the name off from her nape. Deepika's first tattoo is quite evident.

When asked, Deepika Padukone was hesitant to divulge the details of her new tattoo. She just confirmed the news that she had one new tattoo inked on her ankle.

"I am not revealing when and where I got it done. But yes, it is a new tattoo. Obviously, you have not seen this before," she said.

As for getting it done the second time, the actress seemed oddly fascinated about body art. She said, "This is the most painful place to get a tattoo done.And I love it."

What her new tattoo symbolizes is yet to be confirmed but Deepika kept her first tattoo intact which throws a clear indication that Ranbir is still ruling her heart and mind.