Review : Oru Naal Varum - Nothing great in it.

The much awaited film of Mohanlal - Sreenivasan combination hit the screens today. After all the fuss about the story and the stay from the court, the movie released today. The story of the movie was written by Sreenivasan who had a bunch of super hit movies. But this time he is not up to expectations.

The movie starts with the life around a corrupted assistant town planing officer which is done by Sreenivasan. Mohanlal's character is Kolapully Sukumaran who is trying to make his house. Mohanlal and his daughter is living in a flat. He is separated from his wife Sameera Reddy. But he cannot get through the difficulties made by the Planning Officer to make his house. The movie advances through some funny scenes and Kolapully Sukumaran's family life.

Just before the interval we come to know that there is a twisting suspense in the story which takes the flow of movie to another direction.

During the same time Sameera Reddy who plays the role Meera, wife of Mohanlal files a case againt Mohanlal to get her daughter with her. Due to the failure of case Mohanlal is compelled to give his daughter to Meera. 

The movie lacks a rigid storyline and the absence of good comedy as expected from a Sreenivasan story make the audience disappointed. The smooth run of the story falls into gutter when ever the irrelevant family plot raises its head. Most of the time viewers get bored due to the slow growth of the story.