Dileep's Next Film 'Karyasthan' directed by Thomson

After the super hit Pappi Appacha, Dileep has decided to do another mass comedy entertainer.
He will play Karyasthan (caretaker), in this hilarious film written by his favourite Siby K Thomas-Udaykrishnan team and directed by Siby’s brother Thomson who is debuting.
The shoot of Karyasthan produced by Anto Joseph will start in July, after Dileep comes back from his US trip. The heroine is a new girl, an anchor in a reality show. 39 leading artists will be there in supporting roles like Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaranmudu and others.
Karyasthan will be an out and out comedy entertainer, with all commercial entertainer. The film is slated to be Dileep’s big Ramzan release on September 10.