Ban on other languages movies lifted

Malayalam film industry has recently announced a ban on releasing movies of other languages on the same date as in its parent state. The decree said other language movies can release in Kerala only after two weeks of its national release, Industry bodies said the ban is to protect the small film in Malayalam as they are finding it difficult to get theatres as most of the theatres are occupied with movies in Tamil and Hindi.

But the ban has now lost steam as the theatre owners have objected to it. Theater owners have categorically told the film producers that they cannot be stopped if they too facilitate simultaneous releases of other language films.

The pressure from the exhibitors was so strong that the industry bodies lifted the ban and henceforth all the other language films can have a simultaneous release in Kerala along with other states in India.

Is this move a planned decision as not to lose on the biggest release of this year ‘Endhiran’ we don’t know.