Ananya’s daring act in Shikar

Ananya has done a daring act in Mohanlal’s Shikar climax in the mountains of Kodaikanal.

She was willing to go down a ravine only with a safety rope tied around her waist. Director Padmakumar and Mohanlal dissuaded her from doing this particular scene, but the brave girl that she is, willingly agreed to do it without a dupe!

After the shot Mohanlal went and hugged and congratulated her for her daring act. Mohanlal told her: “You are a brave girl. I never expected you to be so brave and daring; you are the Vijayshanthi of Malayalam cinema.” Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks because Lal ettan acknowledged her bravery.

Says Ananya : “ Lal ettan is my all time favourite actor I play his daughter in the film. He was so helpful and went out of the way to make me comfortable during the shoot.”