Vedam Movie Review

Cast: Allu Arjun, Manoj, Anushka, Lekha Washington, Deeksha Seth,Manoj Bajpai, Nagaiah, Raghubabu, Satyam Rajesh, Brahmanandam and Others.
Action: Ram-Laxman.
Art: Rajeev Nayar.
Banner: Arka Media Works.
Cinematography: Ganasekhar VS.
Editing: Shravan K.
Music: MM Keeravani.
Producer(s): Prasad Devineni, Shobu Yarlagadda.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Director: Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi (Krish).
Release Date: June 04, 2010
Allu Arjun All eyes on Krish Jagar it was this Friday. A first film can be a fluke but not a second one, more so if it is not a commercial entertainer and when the audience are still attempting to enjoy alternative stories. With a bag full of awards and loads of appreciation, the director did not give into temptation, stuck to his story, and made a film that preaches Vedam is humanity and humanity is a simple treatment of a man as human. He chose five characterswhose lives are beautifully nuanced, structured at many levels and meet at a point.
The first half of the film depicts the characters in their respective problems. Rahim, a Muslim is distressed, he is drawn into an argument, a fight and his wife suffers a miscarriage in a rally held by the Hindus. The man is upset with his past, unable to come to terms with reality and wants to leave the country. The police still suspect him to be a terrorist and trouble him unnecessarily.
There is Saroja who wants to take a flight to freedom, unhappy with the exploitation at the hands of a sex worker, the lady with her colleague escapes from the brothel house. Vivek Chakravarthy, a rock star who wants to make it big in the music world, have a band of his own leads his troupe for a show. Ramulu, an old man has a lofty dream, wants to educate his grandson and is dying to come out of debts. He sets out on a journey with his daughter-in-law to get some money home.

Finally Raju, an educated youth finds himself trapped in poverty, woos a rich girl, lies about his status as a cable operator, goes on a mission to find 40 thousand rupees to party with his girl friend.
Now all of them in a quest for life begin their journey and are beset with problems at the same time. Rahim is questioned by the police while he goes for his Visa, Saroja is trapped by her previous employers, Vivek is entangled in a road fight, Raju gives into the temptation of theft and Ramulu’s money in the city is stolen.
In the next level it is opportunity that comes in form of help from unexpected quarters. As human beings do we grab it and change for the good or do we fall prey to sin and sadism? Finally the story wraps up with redemption, realization and destiny throwing up so many good things – it makes some lives worth living and some worth dying for.
The film initially begs for freshness but as it hits the second hour it touches you, draws you into their purgatory, their ups and downs. A prostitute, a Muslim trying to prove he is not a terrorist are boringcharacters, how differently you project them on screen depends on their performances and the dialogues given to them. The film is backed by solid performances, no one overplays their role. The USP again is the dialogue. Allu Arjun dominates the film with his flawless work.
In the second part of the film, his expressions are splendid, especially when he tries to steal money at the hospital, while going to pay for the tickets and his scenes with a small child whose smile he chose to overlook in a hurry to fulfill his desire. Seiya as Manoj Bajpai’s wife does a good job, Posani Krishna Murali who’s been earning the wrath of critics scores some decent points, Bajpai is perfect as a vulnerable man, and Anushka is simply natural and yes pretty too.
Manoj has a reason to be upset, the only scene which strikes chord with the audiences is when he’s lying in the coffin and his mother takes pride in his martyrdom. There couldn’t have been a better person than Nagaiyya to deliver the role of a grandfather fighting with abject poverty.
Even small, inconspicuous characters like Prithviraj, Raghu Babu leave their mark. The last scene has the terrorist with a rifle resembling Kasab. Brahmanandam has a single scene but he brings in the laughs. Towards the end some lay down their lives, some get a new life, and some continue to sin. The film touches you in the finale, and could make you wonder what if you were caught in a theatre that goes up in flames, that has no fire extinguisher, or a hospital surrounded by terrorists, how would you react?
All the characters who are led by goals become selfless, the metamorphosis is complete with striking dialogues and aided with visuals. The movie appears crammed first but later the narrative becomes emblematic of the director’s aim. Everyone learns something or the other from this story, from the characters, emotions, about life being terrorized by greed, lust, ambition, power play, and that good begets good, and life is all about the choices you make.