Tabu Joins Bikini Club In Next Movie?

She is known as the hefty beauty of the Indian cinema and though she has attitude written all over her, she is still the most sought after actress. She is none other than Tabu and this Hyderabad beauty is a hot cake in the Bollywood circuit as well.

Now, a shocker has arrived from Bollywood with the news that Tabu is all set to come up with a bikini act. Many are wondering how this is possible and that too at the age 38???!!! It is said that this is happening for a Hindi movie shortly.

Tabu’s power of lusty appeal and sexuality was seen in movies like ‘Idhee Sangathi’ and ‘Pandurangadu’. So if she arrives with a bikini on, this will no doubt be a treat for many say the industry experts. Given her height and voluptuous figure, this will be a ‘tall’ experience for many.