Priyatama Raave Movie Review

thumb_Priyatama_Raave_Wallpapers_01Director: K.Tennarasu
Music Director:
Githan Ramesh,Priyamani,Jahnavi
Release Date: 
09 Jul 2010
Priyathamaa…Raave is romantic movie in which, Ramesh always roams on a bike. Priyamani and Jahnavi are friends and hostelmates.Priyamani believes in Jesus. She is very kind and humble towards others.  Jahnavi is bold, glamorous in dressing and teases every one. One day when she teases Ramesh, he kisses her publicly.
Ramesh often gets the chance to meet Priyamani. He comes to the hostel and expresses his love to Priyamani. But she denies his love. Ashish Vidyarthi comes to know about their love affair. And what is the decision taken by him forms the rest of the story.