most hardest funniest

Most hardest, funniest, unforgetable moments in life

~In exam, when ur pen finishes, and still u want to write blunders

~wen ur task is almost finished on computer, n lite goes out

~In a long que, when ur turn comes, respondent says "Times over, sorry"

~Wen u wake up v.late and u have v.short time to go at school/office. N u just wear that shirt, pant n dress that is in washing machine

~Wen ur friend says b4 test, "yara mujhe kuch nai ata" n he got more marks than u

~Wen u have just few coins in ur pocket, and ur friend says, "kyun jigr! phir aj kia khila raha hai?"

~Wen ur friend says, b4 exam time, jigger ye chapter 1 ghantay se kyun parh raha hai, ye tu sir ne churwa dia tha.....