Jhummandi Naadam Review


Cast : Manoj kumar,Taapsi

Director : K Raghavender Rao
Producer : Sri Laxmi Prasanna Pictures
Music : MM Keeravani

Releasing Date: 1/07/2010

Jhummandi Nadam, is yet another disastrous outing by Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures. This time it is with the colorful and seemingly flamboyant story of the ageing yet young at heart K. Raghavendra Rao who misses another opportunity to bring in novelty to the script. A mix of Alludugaru and Pelli Sandadi, the director dishes out a gormless movie, so wrapped up with clichéd visuals, dialogues and narration. It doesn’t take much time to know the prescience of thefilm.
Taapsee is a fair looking heroine, not an actor..most of the time she wears a plaster of paris look and she looks interesting only because of the stuff her character could hold. If she loses some more weight and works more on her expressions, she will have a pretty good future. In the film, not much to complain about her as the camera focused more on her waxed legs than her expressions.
The entire Manchu family and friends make a fair attempt to entertain in a story in which a hero is torn between a promise and love and the lone ‘appreciation’ comes from Mohan Babu who occupies a huge chunk of the screen space while Raghavendra Rao fools you with his time tested aesthetics. What he offers the audience at the end of thefilm are two pieces of a broken coconut. This old wine in a old bottleelicits a few laughs from people who do not believe in expiry dates. Manoj, needs a better vehicle to drive into the audiences hearts.
If this exercise in indulgence where Mohan Babu and the hype comes is a wanton, then okay but if the intention is to make money at the box office, it’s time producers hunt for novel scripts that draw multiplex audiences. Also overexposure makes the scenes between real life father and son look superficial and one can feel the absence of emotional connection. Pragati is yet another yawn, she’s been hammering on the phone, twitching her eye brows and offering counsel for the nth time now. Ahuti Prasad’s role begins seriously but ends up like a comedian.
Jhummandi Naadam Trailer
Mohan Babu looks happy everytime the hero attempts to seduce the heroine, though he needs to project the contrary. There is a scene, Dharmavarapu asks what happens if Raavan becomes a singer. While you keep tearing your hair, he replies that there would be chorus from ten heads. If you’ve found that line funny then you surely would like the film.
All the songs are good, nicely choreographed and sung. Dialogues sound funny at times. Camera work is very pleasant, the effort on costumes and styling shows but what happens if the music comes from the soul and the story from old, recycled movie cans?