Google Site Map Maker

Why you need a Google sitemap?
Simple...Here’s what Google sitemaps do for you…
• Help people find more of your web pages, since they give you better crawl coverage.
• Make sure that when people search on your keywords they get fresher search results.
• Let you provide specific information to Google concerning your web pages, like when a page was last modified or how frequently it changes.
• Get your web pages crawled by Google quickly without having to know some secret back door into the search engines like many of those SEO guys will try to sell you packages for.

But to make a Google sitemap you have to install a script onto your web site, and then try to get that script to run, right? But those stupid scripts never works...
hmmm.. Now what to do???
Introducing “Google Site Map Maker”
Here, for the very first time ever, is an incredible piece of software that RUNS ON YOUR PC’S DESKTOP and makes Google site maps for you!
Google site Map Maker will:
* Spider your web site-
* Create a site map for your site
* Save a copy of that site map to a selected folder on your PC
* Upload a copy of your site map to
* Thats right .gz the preferred Google Site Map format, it will zip and upload the site map for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro site developer—with “Google SiteMap Maker” you’ll be able to produce your own Google site maps anytime you need them.

Here’s How “Google SiteMap Maker” Works….
Let’s say you want to make a Google sitemap
Start Google Site Map Maker-
Step 1. Enter The URL of the website you wish to create a site map for. Google Site Map Maker will then crawl that site and make a list of all the links it can find.
Step 2. Set a few features like how often your site content changes, this will help tell Goggle how often it should crawl your site!
Step 3. If there are any URL’s on your site you do not wish to have included into Goggle then list them in the bypass area so they will not be crawled and posted to your site map, you can also select file types to bypass such as .zip or .exe
Step 4. You can optionally add your sites FTP information and if you ask Google Site Map Maker to it will automatically upload your site map for you .
Step 5. Spider your site….

But wait we are not done yet! After this process has been completed Google Site Map Maker will then ping Google and tell them you have a new site pam ready to be crawled!

CLICK HERE to Download Google Site Map Maker FULL