Finale 2009

Finale 2009 � the world�s most powerful music notation software � lets you express your creativity and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music.

1. Unrar, Burn or mount with Daemon Tools.
2. Install Finale 2009.
3. Make sure you are disconnected from the net the first time you run
Finale 2009.
4. Enter your name, and some bullshit for serial, press next and select
telephone activation.
5. Type the Software User Activation code into the field in the keygen,
To generate your real Serial Number and Authorization Code.
6. Press back in Finale 2009, and update the bullshit Serial Number
with the real one from the keygen, press next, and use the
Authorization Code from the keygen to activate your software.
7. Enjoy!


Finale 2009Finale 2009

Finale 2009

Name: Finale 2009
Version: 2009
License: Other
System: Windows 
Language: English
Year: 2009
All inclusive 
Size: 1.25 Gb