Do Knot Disturb

Do Knot Disturb is another flick of Govinda with Ritesh Deshmukh directed by David Dhawan. It’s a comedy genre movie which has been scheduled for Friday on 2nd October.This is a comedy movie by David Dhawan and Govinda so hopefully it could be some entertaining and enchanting for viewers.

Miss Universe Susmita Sen after a long gap will be appeared on the screen in the movie;it may be she fascinates her fans. Another sizzling beauty Lara Dutta has full scope from the movie, infect her dance number with Ritesh Deshmukh already has been flourished and become very popular.
Melodious music has been composed by Nadeem Saifi, Shravan Rathod.The film is produced by Vasu Bhagnani and written by Yunus Sajawal.

Do Knot Disturb is a comic story about a rich man who has an extra martial affair with a super model concealing her beautiful wife who ever suspects him. In the upcoming situations he pays a waiter to pretend as a boy friend of the model. Circumstances have taken a place of misunderstandings and turned into a hilarious ride for the viewers.

Govinda: The husband
The man, who exists on his rich wife’s money and moves to her rhythms, she renders everything from his meals to his clothes.

Riteish Deshmukh: The Pretend
He is a fake boyfriend of the model, who is in desperate need of money for his mother’s treatment. The husband deals with him to pay a lot of money if he plays an act as model’s boyfriend.

Susmita Sen: The Wife
The beautiful lady is sexy and sophisticated and also a loving wife. She has a great success than her husband and owns the company, the house and controls the purse strings. Besides these she also has a captured eye on his husband.

Lara Dutta: The supermodel
The hot enough to burn even she is little silly and naïve. She believes that her married lover will soon leave his wife and getting married her.
Ranvir shorey: The Detective
He is a childhood friend of the pretty wife and loves her by heart. When she comes to him with her suspicions about her cheating husband, he is hell bent on getting proof of the infidelity, so that he can marry his childhood sweetheart himself!

Sohail Khan: The ex-beau of the supermodel
Genuine lover of the model who was dumped by her for the married person, even he does have an anger management problem.

Written By
Sameera Singh