Andari Bandhuvaya Review: Touching And Inspiring

AndariBanduvaya-Wallpapers-1Film: Andari Bandhuvaya
Rating: 3.25/5
Banner: UtopiaEntertainers
Cast: Sharwanand, Padmapriya, Naresh, RK, M S Narayana, Krishna Bhagawan, Vijay Sai, Pragathi, Jeeva and others
Music: Anup Rubens
Written By: Balabhadrapatruni Ramani
Cinematographer: Gummadi Jayakrishna
Direction: Chandra Siddartha
Producer: RK, Chandra Siddartha
Release date: 14/05/2010
It has been quite a while since we saw Chandra Siddartha make his presence felt after the unforgettable ‘Aa Naluguru’, here he is with his somewhat comeback venture so let us have a look.
Nandu (Sharwanand) hails from a village and he comes to the city. He has a helpful nature and doesn’t hesitate to go out of his way to help others. His colleague Paddu (Padmapriya) is stingy to the core and believes in money saving. A situation leads Nandu to take a portion for rent in the home of Paddu and on another instance, he rushes to see his father (Naresh) in the village. Paddu accompanies him and it is here she experiences the human values and touch. New issues crop up and how Nandu and Paddu face them forms the rest of the story.
Sharwanand has been evolving as an actor with each passing movie. After his commendable performance in ‘Prasthanam’ this is yet another valuable performance in his career. He is getting better and better. He performed with great √©lan in many scenes and portrayed emotions wonderfully.
Padmapriya is a vision of beauty and though her low economic character makes her poor, the natural beauty still glows at all possible sequences. She has proved her mettle in the acting department as well. She appeared like senior Suhasini in some scenes.
Naresh has come up with one of his best performances in the recent past. He fits the bill well and there are few touching moments he gives.
Krishna Bhagawan was outright hilarious. His timing and his style of dialogue delivery gives splits of laughter. He is proving to be one of the most reliable comedians for the Telugu audience and is simply ‘unbeatable’.
The others were quite impressive. Especially RK, the TV artiste who plays the role of Padmapriya’s sister wearing sari, the NRI groom, they have given an impressive performance. Pragathi was natural and others were okay.
It’s a joy to watch a good movie 48 hours before the world watches it, in a premiere show. It’s a movie made by the director of ‘Aa Naluguru’. I starting watching the movie with closed mind-set at the outset. For my eyes those have watched grandeur of artificial settings on screen in many films, initially, it sounded dull and low. I looked at the hero in this film as ‘perfectionist material’ who may bring boredom through out the movie. But slowly, something captivated me and I was drowned in the bliss of humanity. I could see a Utopian Village, Utopian hero and Utopian thought…! It went on as a pleasant journey on the waters of humanity.
Any audience watches a movie connecting himself to the hero on screen. He enjoys the bliss of watching something that hero does, which he cannot do in real life. That has been the success of any cinema since 77 years in India. That has been the connection between the screen hero and common audience. If that were the case, in stead of getting connected to the violent and vulgar elements in a hero, it sounds certainly better to connect with the humanity, sacrifice and service motive in him that can be practiced in daily life.
‘Andari Bandhuvaya’ is one such movie which happens very seldom on Telugu screen. Such films should reach every eye and then surely it reaches its heart. Indeed, it’s a movie that culminates the essence of humanity with eyes and heart. One needs to look at the world with the eyes of this protagonist and need to speak with the heart of the same.
It’s a practical Vedanta, the movie showcases. ‘Live for others to enjoy the true nectar of life’ is the epitome of this film. Many dialogues and scenes in this film cut the heart deep and groove-in a pure form of thought. Writer Balabhadrapaatruni Ramani deserves right mention here.
“Pakshulaki konchem dhanyam, pasuvulaki konchem ghraasam, manishiki konchem saayam- ade jeevitam”- What a quotable dialogue?!
“Bathakadame kaadu, chaavadam kooda costly ye”- What a reality if we look at the present expensive last days on Corporate Hospital beds?!
“Nee Daggara koorchuni kaasepu edavochchaa?!”- What a human angle?! The scene between Padmapriya and Sharwanand is indeed moving.
The film is a feel good treat and it gives a strong message of how a positive outlook in life is required in today’s commercial and materialistic world. It might be too unrealistic to expect the viewers to transform once they see the film but even if one implements or demonstrates atleast 5% of the kindness then the world will be a much better place to live in. This is a clean family entertainer with its own element of humor, sentiment, drama and attachment. The dialogues are the major highlight of the movie while the script is very strong and intense. Screenplay was effective and it was supported well with the background score. Though two songs were non situational, they were well taken and quite melodious. Lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad are sensible and filled with good poetry. Editing was smooth. Costumes were suitable to the backdrop and the art department was realistic. The film has enough substance to make it big in film festival or bag few awards. All it takes is some gentle effort by the makers to promote it in the right manner. This is suitable for all genre of audience and everyone will have a point or two to take back home and use it in their life. Credit must be given to ChandraSiddartha for coming up with a thoughtful venture.
Youngsters should watch it and parents should make their childrenwatch it to cultivate human values.
Bottom Line: Don’t Miss It…..