Alladista movie review

casting:Uday Kiran,meera Jasmine
Direction:Bali Srirangam
Music Director:Deva
Production&Banner:K Rohit
Realising Date:25/6/2010

Story:Alladista is a dubbed version of Tamil movie “Pen Singam”, in which Uday Kiran and meera jasmine  playing the main leads in this movie.Uday Kiran was a forest officer appointed to wipe out corruption but he faces problems from one of the villains Radharavi. He fights against them and meanwhile meera jasmine is a poor girl and works in Uday Kiran’s house as a computer operator.Her aim is to become a IPS officer and hero Uday Kiran helps and they both fall in love with each other. Nagendra, another villain is the friend of Uday Kiran and he goes to a college to deliver a speech. He gives a speech about dignity of women and impresses girls.